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Svetgrivas” is a cultural development project – an educational center for joyful life in natural environment."


The aim of project “Svetgrivas” is to help people on the way to a harmonious and happy life.

“Svetgrivas” center is a part of the Spiritual Development Project “Raduga2005”.

Associated patrons and lecturers for center and project “Svetgrivas”:

• Honorary director of “Svetgrivas” – Alexander Khakimov.

• Patron and tutor of “Svetgrivas” – Oleg Torsunov

• Project leader – Jelena Bychkova

Educational centre

Educational centre “Svetgrivas” will be a place for regular seminars, lectures and festivals. The focus of the project is to ensure that all topics are based on development on different levels on individual approach basis.


After prolonged searches, an ideal place and ground for construction works was eventually found; situated in the nature reservoir, not far from Riga and Jelgava. In this place, called “Svetgrivas”, which means ‘holy mouth of the river’, we can observe confluence of two rivers.

We would be grateful for any donations on our current account “Spiritual Development center Raduga2005”. Payment aim – project “Svetgrivas”. 

Registration Number: 40008094254

Bank: Swedbank Group


Current account: LV90HABA0551032164858